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As a versatile and established immigration firm, the Community of Immigration and Naturalization Attorneys (CINA) of Nashville, PC, provides comprehensive immigration and naturalization services to athletes, artists, entertainers, and models. Our attorneys are skilled at handling the unique needs of widely recognized and accomplished individuals, whose career and employment needs take them around the world.


What kinds of employment visas are available to non-U.S. residents who are in the top of their fields?


Often, athletes, artists, entertainers, and models come to the U.S. for limited periods of time, for specific employment opportunities. There are a variety of visas available for those individuals who intend only to work temporarily and return to their country of origin:


O Visas—These temporary work visas are reserved for those possessing extraordinary ability or achievements in the fields of art and athletics, or the movie and television industry. An O Visa may also be available for assistants, spouses, and family members of these professionals.
P Visas—This group of visas is generally available for athletes, artists, and entertainers who are coming to the U.S. to participate in a specific event, performance, or program. Visas in this category may be granted to those working individually or as a member of a group, and there are separate visas depending on the nature of the work.
H Visa—The H-1B family of visas are available to persons in specialty occupations, including fashion modeling. Not just any individual working in the fashion industry can obtain an H-1B visa—there are eligibility requirements that center on prominence and recognition in the industry. An immigration attorney serving models should be consulted before applying.



Each of these visa categories requires evidence and specific documentation, and it is a mistake to think that even a well-known performer, renowned artist, or international celebrity can enter and exit the U.S. without fulfilling these requirements. An immigration attorney serving musicians and related professionals can ensure a quick and complete process, with minimal disruption to your career and travel schedule.


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Prominent and internationally recognized individuals are incredibly busy and their careers can take them around the world in just a matter of months. With such a lifestyle, it is essential that the paperwork and administrative processes necessary for employment in the U.S. are handled accurately and efficiently. The Tennessee athlete immigration lawyers at CINA of Nashville, PC, offer clients more than just assistance with forms and filings. We are prompt and professional in our dealings with agents and staff, and our attorneys are skilled at facilitating communication among the many government agencies implicated in the visa process. For athletes, artists, fashion models, and musicians looking to make the U.S. a permanent home, our office provides complete immigration and naturalization services, with a priority on ensuring as seamless a transition as possible.


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