Immigration-related legal services meeting the needs of citizens around the world

The Community of Immigration and Naturalization Attorneys (CINA) of Nashville, a division of Cobb Law Group, LP, is an immigration law firm dedicated to swift and competent representation on all immigration and naturalization issues. Based in Tennessee, CINA of Nashville serves clients from around the country and the world, with foreign nationals coming to us from as far away as the Indian Peninsula and Africa. The firm boasts an all-star team of talented immigration attorneys with James W. Cobb working at the helm, utilizing Dawn M. Gerhart’s subject-matter expertise and dedication to victims’ rights advocacy.


Excellence in immigration law matters and recognized advocates for victims’ rights and immigration relief

The attorneys at CINA of Nashville have helped diverse clients with an array of immigration law needs:


Families fighting the immigration removal process to keep a loved one from being deported
Individuals pursuing U.S. citizenship or attempting to obtain a green card– Employers seeking to hire a foreign national and needing to navigate the employment visa process
Foreign athletes, entertainers, and models looking to work in the U.S., either temporarily or permanently


All CINA of Nashville clients benefit from having an experienced legal advocate by their side through these stressful and paperwork-intensive processes. Our attorneys do far more than fill out paperwork, however. Immigration and naturalization law is complicated, and depending on the situation, hearings before a judge can be required. It is easy for non-lawyers to get lost in these processes, and when language is an additional barrier, many are left helpless to chance and luck. With family, work, and a new life at stake in immigration cases, you cannot afford to go it alone. The bilingual office staff at CINA of Nashville provide strategic problem solving and tenacious advocacy, and we put all our effort into successful resolution of your legal issues.


Rely on a firm that is solely focused on immigration and a Managing Attorney with a national reputation for success


Because immigration matters are governed by federal law, CINA of Nashville can take clients from any state or any country. Call us at 001 + (615) 324-7757.  Or, those in the Nashville area can come by our office to schedule an appointment.  We are located at 2500 21st Avenue, conveniently off I-440, with plenty of parking for clients. At CINA of Nashville, we take the necessary time to get to know you and your family so that we can better serve your immigration needs. Hablamos Español.