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While nonimmigrant visas allow immigrants to live and stay in the U.S. for a limited period of time, securing a green card is an important step towards permanent residence. For many, a green card offers new opportunities and a new future in this country. There are a variety of ways in which an individual can be eligible for a green card and the attorneys at CINA of Nashville, PC, prioritize relating to clients on a personal level, to better ensure a successful green card application. Clients from around the country and abroad have relied on our expertise.


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Recipients of a green card are eligible to live and work in the U.S. on a permanent basis, and there are four primary ways in which one can be eligible for a green card:


– Family-based eligibility
– Employment-based eligibility
– Refugee or asylum-based eligibility
– Eligibility set forth in special legislation


There are always exceptions to the exceptions in immigration law. Special legislation will often create other categories for certain individuals who do not fall within the common rules and regulations.  For example, victims of domestic violence may apply for a green card under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) despite the U.S. citizen’s lack of cooperation. Our Managing Attorney Dawn M. Gerhart is especially skilled and focused on providing compassionate immigration relief to battered spouses, parents, and children. Gerhart routinely represents clients in VAMA petitions, and her expertise has helped victims from countries around the world.  here are many other special categories that may be available for your loved one.


Experienced legal counsel through the green card replacement and renewal process


“Green card” is synonymous with “legal permanent residence.” Obtaining a green card or legal permanent residence is not the end of the process. Once you are granted permanent residence that status does not expire when your green card expires, unless you were granted conditional residence.  Except for those individuals who are granted conditional residence; green cards are valid for ten years.  While it is true that green cards do expire it is important to understand that your status as a permanent resident has not.  However, in order for you to provide proof of permanent resident status you must have a valid unexpired green card.  If you green card is about to expire, has expired, is lost or stolen an individual should apply for a renewal or should apply to have their card replaced immediately. This can be done from within or outside of the U.S., and while the process entails a renewal or replacement application, card holders should not think that it is easy or simple rubber stamping. An application for a renewal green card can be denied and should therefore be taken very seriously—as should an application to replace a lost or stolen green card. A green card holder may also need help navigating the process of obtaining a re-entry permit, to ensure that extended times abroad do not impact permanent resident status.


With residency and opportunity on the line, you cannot afford to take for granted the complexity of the green card process


Potential applicants and their employers should not be fooled into thinking that the process is simply paperwork and can be navigated alone. To be eligible for a green card, individuals must fit into an enumerated visa category and be admissible to the United States, which sometimes requires strategic and creative thinking. Further, each category comes with specific processes and procedures, and steps the applicant must follow. Often, coordination is necessary among multiple government agencies, employers, and private individuals. For those not skilled in immigration law and green card procedures, the process can be daunting, and because the consequences of having a green card application denied are severe, it is best to have the expertise and advocacy of a Nashville green card attorney. The attorneys at CINA of Nashville, PC, are collaborative and experienced in the green card process, and things move quickly with us by your side.


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At the Community of Immigration and Naturalization Attorneys (CINA) of Nashville, PC, we prioritize our relationship with clients—getting to know them so that we can best understand their immigration needs and green card goals. The green card process is governed by federal law, enabling our firm to serve clients from across the country.  Call us at 001 + (615) 324-7757, or toll-free at (877) 381-2814, for a FREE 10 minute phone consultation.  Or, those in the Nashville area can come by our office to schedule an appointment.  We are located at 2500 21st Avenue, conveniently off I-440, with plenty of parking for clients. At CINA of Nashville, PC, we take the necessary time to get to know you and your family so that we can better serve your immigration needs.  Hablamos Español.