Nashville-based CINA of Nashville, PC, offers global clients comprehensive immigration services


Immigrating to the U.S. and then seeking permanent resident status or citizenship are very important but often complicated process.  An experienced and trusted immigration attorney can not only help you navigate these processes, he or she can also help you achieve your immigration and citizenship goals. The Tennessee-based Community of Immigration and Naturalization Attorneys (CINA) of Nashville, PC, has helped individuals from different states and around the world, and the firm’s global reach is matched only by its international reputation for success.


Providing a wide range of immigration services to fully meet global clients’ needs


The immigration services offered by CINA of Nashville, PC, are broad, and because immigration and naturalization matters are regulated by the federal government, our attorneys are able to assist clients on these issues from across the U.S. and abroad:


Applying for and obtaining family-based and employment-based E1, E2, E3, E4, and E5 visas
Obtaining a green card– Securing release from detention with an immigration bond– Fighting removal and deportation proceedings
Protecting victims of domestic abuse and human trafficking
Obtaining waivers of ineligibility and three-year and ten-year bar waivers


CINA of Nashville, PC, also consults with clients on and navigates them through the naturalization process, which is available to immigrants wishing to attain U.S. citizenship. There are a number of eligibility criteria, including continuous residency requirements, prior status as a legal permanent resident, and evidence of good moral character. Additionally, a naturalization test is required in order to test applicants on principles of U.S. history and government, and comprehension of the national language.


Professional expertise with official paperwork and government requests for evidence


Immigration procedures differ depending on the documents an individual is trying to obtain or the legal status he or she is trying to achieve. All processes, however, involve a significant amount of paperwork and evidence which the applicant is responsible for compiling and submitting. In some instances, when evidence needed for moving forward with the process is lacking, the government issues a request for evidence. Contained in each request is a description of the missing information and the deadline by which the evidence must be submitted. The deadlines accompanying these requests can be tight, and the requests themselves can be very confusing for those not familiar with immigration laws and legal requirements for applications. An experienced Tennessee immigration lawyer at CINA of Nashville, PC, can help with these requests and our experienced attorneys can ensure that the necessary evidence is submitted quickly, so as not to jeopardize or delay the process.


There is too much on the line to leave your immigration issues to chance


Legal representation by an experienced immigration attorney can be the difference between an unsuccessful and successful application for a visa or green card. And, an unsuccessful application can tear apart families and destroy employment opportunities. Given what’s on the line in immigration and naturalization proceedings, it is important to not navigate the process alone. Immigration attorneys assist clients with far more than simply filling out paperwork. Your attorney advises you on appropriate and necessary procedures, assists you in compiling an accurate application, counsels you on successful strategies for reaching your legal goals, responds to requests for evidence, and advocates on your behalf in court, if necessary.


Let us handle your naturalization paperwork process


Clients from across the country rely on CINA of Nashville, PC, for competent legal advice and advocacy through the immigration and naturalization processes. Call us at 001 + (615) 324-7757, or toll-free at (877) 381-2814, for a FREE 10 minute phone consultation.  Or, those in the Nashville area can come by our office to schedule an appointment.  We are located at 2500 21st Avenue, conveniently off I-440, with plenty of parking for clients. At CINA of Nashville, PC, we take the necessary time to get to know you and your family so that we can better serve your immigration needs.  Hablamos Español.